Bricolage and the Bits of Time

5 May

Bricolage is the art of taking things or ideas from other sources and creating something new out of them. In a way, all creative art is bricolage, even writing.  I never really thought about this until I needed a way to explain the basics of William Shakespeare’s skill in my novel A Small Tale of Shakespeare, in which William Shakespeare has reincarnated as a dwarf woman named Minna Sparrow, who creates new books out of old, decorated with bits of time.

Now I realize that everything about my life and creativity has been full of an immense amount of bricolage, and that this is true for all of us, in different amounts and ways. What’s important is what we do with our bits: knowing which pieces create the best life, and which do not. Our choices are to either create with what we love, and let go of what we don’t want – or muddle things up and reverse the process, or leave everything in disarray, or make things too neat and too empty.

I’ve decided to take the bits of time I have left and simply create only what I want to create. I’ve been through the muddles – we all have. We learn in the midst of muddles. But we learn better things in the midst of creativity. It doesn’t matter what kind – just get ready to create something new.

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