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The Universe in Me

16 Nov

The universe in meI first posted this ┬ápiece at this time of year three years ago. Someone I love was feeling terrible about herself, a young girl bullied at school as I had been. So many people never open the doors to look at people and places they think are worthless just by appearances. But sometimes the best people are like geodes, rough and unremarkably gray on the outside, and glittering with crystals on the inside. I am glad that I am a geode; the experiences of being bullied and passed over for my appearance helped me dig deeper into myself, and into others, looking for the truly brilliant lovely things, no matter what people look like, or appear to be by the way they act or move. Look deeper. When you pass someone like me by, it’s very possible you have passed by the loveliest and most loving being to come into your life. Don’t do it. Pay attention.