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Foresight of Government 2/10/2016

10 Feb


the earth

I am precognitive, which is sometimes a painful thing. Sometimes it’s good. But it’s a gift I can’t tell how to come. I’ve taught people for some time now that precognition is a chess game. It’s not something you arrange, the universe decides when and what you should be on the lookout for. Precognition is often not meant to change events, but to call us to witness. In each of the past two presidential election cycles, my precognitive dreams, as always full of puns and symbolic language I could clearly understand, came late in the process because people were not making up their minds. The chess pieces weren’t moving into place to make a clear message, but when they did, they gave me accurate dreams. The last mid-term election 2 years ago, I was given a clear picture that the Republicans would win, but what they would become is a huge cloud of deep black smoke – and the landscape would remain unchanged (nothing done). I was surprised to have my precognitive dream for this election last night, which is very early – but something happened in New Hampshire that will take us by surprise.

I dream puns and clear references. I will translate what they mean.

In the dream language, everyone was enjoying a good day out on a golf course (Donald Trump), when suddenly we were told that a flood was coming. (The national landscape would be wiped clean). Everyone ran for cover. I headed for the nearby retail government building, (how we see our government) more than half of it frustratingly locked and closed on its right side (GOP). Someone I couldn’t see clearly pointed to the left and indicated “we need to go that way” then disappeared. Bernie Sanders) But I took women friends and an injured girl to the middle (centering the government with female energy), looking at the empty and destroyed right wing as I passed through. The flood came within a short time and swept over the golf course, washing it away (Trump is gone), but the land itself was not harmed. The government building remained strong. The child was given the care she needed. Everyone got back to their lives. A man with a cheerful voice headed over to the right wing and got to work rebuilding it. Everything was fine. One of my friends and I discussed going back to school, which is a symbol for life as experience and expanding knowledge. And all was well with the world. I just heard the man’s cheerful voice on the news this morning. It was John Kasich. He has been the one decent light in the Republican political spectrum at this time. Next move.

UPDATE Feb 13 2016: I supposed by the timing of the dream that something happened in New Hampshire to change the chessboard of fate and make my precognition possible, but now I know that a possible factor was Scalia’s change in health. Sad and amazing that one man’s death can affect so much of the future for so many. While on Friday it was crucial for Hillary Clinton to win the presidential nomination in order to carry forward needed changes, now everything hinges on one simple thing: Democrats, moderates, and liberals must concentrate on going to vote, and voting Democratic. That’s it. It no longer matters whether Clinton or Sanders wins the nomination, what matters is that we have record numbers of voters voting Democratic. It affects decades of our future.

I’ve been watching and reading of so many people getting caught up in small details and usual tactics, mostly circling around the idea “so and so lied!” the past few months. Well, welcome to reality, politics is a lying game even among the best of people. I’ve even caught Sanders contributing some to the flow. But it doesn’t matter to me anymore, I’ve been watching politics too long. What we need is some sanity and some centering. The Democratic party as a whole has mostly gone to the middle while the GOP has drifted off the edge of the far right. The middle doesn’t betray anyone, the middle allows more freedom of thought and action than going to extremes. This is precisely why there have been factions working to destroy the middle, in both politics and class, for the past few decades. We need it back. And we are poised on the brink of having it. That is what was revealed in the dream.

So it is time to stop quibbling over real and unreal flaws and slights and miscalculations and hold to one thing. Vote. If you want the insanity stopped vote a straight Democratic ticket. Leave your doubts at home, just step away from the cliff on the right side of the world and vote Democratic. Stop looking for perfection, it won’t happen. But good changes will.

On the ending of my dream and the voice I found belonged to John Kasich: some readers were puzzled and thought I was saying Kasich would be president. No. I see Kasich as a sign of the GOP coming back towards the middle. I think the way he has conducted his campaign is very brave. Though I do not agree with his stand on many issues, he really is following his conscience rather than political expediency or the madding crowd. He is a sign of the future of the right. And I appreciate that to no end. May he keep true to his conscience.

June 7, 2016  time for another update: On CBSN this morning, Bob Schieffer commented  that Donald Trump is thought of as connected to golf courses. “He’ll be playing on a brand new golf course.”  There was the main pun of my dream. That was a cue to me to bring the dream up again.

Last night, surrounded by women and girls, Hillary Clinton took center stage and  became the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party. The GOP is dealing with the wreck Trump has  made of their part of the political scene. The flood clearing the golf course has just begun. Sponsors won’t support the GOP convention, money is not coming forward, GOP support is pulling farther and farther away from Trump as the criminal changes against him in regards to Trump University and other  situations become clearer.

I feel the DNC will now immediately come together and stand strong behind Hillary. There will be no coaxing of the Sanders holdouts.  The DNC will build a strong front on the principle of “build it and they will come.” America needs a rock now. No more coddling. Sanders has blown his influence. He will disappear. He will, in private, deal with the mess he made of his campaign funding. Last night, he was still saying he’d hang on – “we must go left!” But though we heard him, at the critical moment when the race finally centered on Hillary, he was, nationally, nowhere to be seen. He will remain very quiet.

Update September 26 2016. On the eve of the first debate: In spite of shifting polls and statements that Trump is doing well, I have had no dreams of tornadoes ( signifying a change) no dreams of Trump (by now, in 2012, I had had many dreams of Romney, all of them showing him to be frightened and unready. My dreams of Hillary have been of someone who thinks of herself as a hard worker, not quite a leader. Help her believe in herself as a president tonight. She needs to to create a doubt in those who follow Trump. Otherwise, they will be part of what is washed away in the flood of emotion that runs against him.  His followers forget that billions in the world don’t want him. That is an amazing flood of negative energy, all coming his way tonight.

Let loose the flood.

Update October 6, 8:50 pm I had my third flood dream this afternoon, concerning Trump. I have had two flood dreams about him since the last update. The second one was simply everything was being washed away in a flood and Trump was gone. In the latest, everyone was wading in water; there were some very happy women playing in it. We were all right, Trump was not. Trump, in the third dream like this, was gone. Just found out his West Palm Beach estate Mar-a-Lago is in the direct path of Hurricane Matthew. So a real flood is connected to all this? How will Trump be “gone?” He’s not in Florida. What is about to happen?

Update October 8. Well, I didn’t expect an answer quite that quick…no wonder the women were happy. Don’t make me post the tape. I think everyone knows what happened. More later.