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To Begin With: Bricolage and the Bits of Time

20 Sep

New work begins this week, much of it bricolage, like this. But time will make it different. How much? We’ll see.

Opening the Door to the Self

19 Sep


There are key moments in our consciousness when we realize we have just done something to make a gigantic puzzle piece fit into our awareness. How we feel the change may be as unique as we are. When it happens for me, I feel something that relieves me like a colossal YES being whispered by my own voice into my own heart, and it immediately flows through all my blood. I would make the claim that I’m not being poetic when I describe it in this way, but I am a poet, and I paint with words what I feel.

The key moment of my consciousness that happened the moment I finally published some of my poetry, to be purchased, wandering out into other people’s lives, no longer just mine or something to be shared with friends, but to go out and greet the strangers. That’s when I realized that it’s one of the three deepest things that are my expression of self. I am poetry, I am music, I am feelings. These are the ways I express what I perceive. Yes, I do art, and I photograph directly how I see the world, but the photographs are poems in themselves, and the art – well, I have withheld the art from my feelings, because there is a good deal of pain and humiliation connected to art, in this lifetime and the last. Will the art change now, that I’ve realized this? We’ll see. It’s time.

Time? Do I have it? That’s something that overwhelms me – I don’t know. I want great gobs of time but may have little. So I must learn to do little things. No matter how much I want. Greedy thing, I am. But  I will do what I can.

My new publication, PATHS, is very small. The first of what I call The Folio Series. Not proper folios – 8 1/2 by 11 twenty page journals of my photography, poetry, art, different writings. Things out of life.

Take a look at Paths

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