Simple Gifts…

25 Nov

I wish I could say I had a shop to visit, ready to open the doors for good sales and better times. I miss the chatter of excited customers in the small shops I used to work in, listening to what they hoped for, as they wondered and wandered among the rows of books and gifts. But now, I finally do have a Shop again, a shop that anyone can come to! Come visit!

You can wander through my online bookstore at, and discover The Folio Series, slender photojournals that remind us to look at the simple gifts of the world. Take a look at one of the books, below…


Now is the time to look up at the Flame SkyThis photojournal tells why I am passionately in love with the sky when it turns to flame, offering brilliant photos of when the clouds become the greatest art nature has ever given us. Save $6 when you buy Flame Sky!


If you want to go directly to the store and see all that I have to offer, follow the link to my shop at Blurb 

Coming Soon: The Folio Series will continue to grow, with a variety of writing and photography and art.

Another series: Dreamsense, will be folios explaining how to understand your dreams. Dreams are simpler to understand if you know the basic steps in unlocking the visual language of dreams. All of our dreams are written not only by our subconscious, but by the Universal Consciousness. Dreaming is the true Internet. And though a dream looks strange, when you realize why, and how to read the symbols, you’ll understand that dreaming is the form of communication we can most trust. Each folio will explore one type of symbolism, and help you explore the meanings of it. The first in the series will discuss Houses.

Keep checking back to see more to come!


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