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New Works in New Ways

1 Mar


Working in several fields is a complication in life at the best of times: when you grow old, it’s very difficult. I am constantly finding ways to lessen how I work. I am starting, now, to only connect my writing to my art and photography, one to one, so I can keep the inspiration and the words organized, together. Later, I will decide what to include in each coming folio, instead of trying to follow any more themes. ┬áIt just takes up too much time, and there are still bigger things I really want to finish and feel relieved. Satisfied. And okay with being a shadow attached to my own work.

Stories in Few Words

1 Mar

Higher Ground web

I am finding out it’s easier for me to write flash fiction than anything. Flash fiction must be a full arc story, in under 300 words. You have a protagonist, an antagonist, a conflict that disturbs the peace, climax, and resolution. That’s it. But sometimes all of that appears only in the reader’s mind – that’s the point. Flash fiction suggests larger stories in a hurry. One brief story can suggest thousands of individual stories, and wake up the imagination. Most famous example is attributed to Hemingway. Six words: “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” I just sent three off to a contest. There’s my submission quota for the week. Happy.