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17 Apr


It’s spring, and time to begin new things. After a few months of lessening priorities and focusing on what problems affect us all, it’s time to get down to the work of new publications, and sharing older ones. It’s not a surprise that this is the time my pc decided to die. I’ve battered its keys continuously the past six years! But all the work I did on it is saved and ready to go. Older work has been organized and is ready to be transcribed from typed copy. It’s time to move on to sharing it with¬†you.

I had plans to begin new audio work, but that must wait until I can get a new pc. My audio and video making programs died with the computer. I’m looking forward to getting better program and equipment for new work. You can help me do this: buy my work! Take a look at my books now available for sale on, and on Amazon (see the links below my blog’s banner). The Folio Series will be adding a number of new folios of poetry, art and photography work in the next few weeks; the Dreamwriter Folios will also begin to appear. More on that project soon.

For a sample of my older musical and video work, take a look at the video linked below:

Parting Friends

Most of all, wish me luck. There are many  wonderful things ready to go out into the world, from this Meadow. Help me spread the word.