Archive | September, 2017

Seasonal Changes

18 Sep

As my work expands,  it’s time to change many things. This site’s menu now includes links to all websites which carry my work, from publications to prints to youtube. Blurb  carries my personal magazine series, Scatterings, with new issues coming out on a regular basis. It also carries the special collections of my photographic work. Poster and stationery prints are now available at Cafepress, with new selections being added each week. Amazon carries my books, Psychic Sensibility, and BEING Home. More books, including a revised issue of A Small Tale of Shakespeare, are coming out in 2018. I have also reopened my Lulu store, which carries some of my early photo collections.

The youtube video channel Simple Gifts is also linked in the menu. I am preparing new videos of photographic work, recitations, and music.

It’s also time to spend more time writing here, and sharing some of the work that is included in Scatterings, on facebook, and other locations. I hope you’ll enjoy what you find here in the days to come.



5 Sep

Now begins a new phase in my work – the launch of a personal magazine, called Scatterings, which features pieces on different aspects of my work and life, including photography, art, music, poetry and short fiction, and topics ranging from spiritual to political thought, and anything in between! New things to explore in each issue. Come look at the first volume!