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For Your Holiday Shopping!

27 Nov


Here’s where you can find special gifts of sights and memories, beauty and inspiration, this holiday season, all made with Creativity and Sensitivity!

 The Thorn Tree Christmas is a tale based on a true story from my life, about a Christmas so terrible, my father said we wouldn’t have one… but I disagreed! See beautiful images of a Georgia mountain Christmas while you read our story…

Dreamtouch web

BEING Home is part memoir, part created dream – about how I learned to create dreams, and found that the dreams would affect my reality. I’ve been a dreamworker for many decades, and am as comfortable in dreamery as in reality. This is the first book I wrote about making dreams come true. A how-to workbook is in the works…

draft_lens7286952_1254273630synaesthesia_sq Psychic Sensibility is a book originally created for the fans of Paranormal State and Psychic Kids, when I was the moderator for Chip Coffey’s bulletin board. There were so many questions being answered with information that was wrong, or remedies that wouldn’t work. I knew this because I am a sensitive – a psychic medium who has never been interested in doing readings or appearances, but in researching what actually works, in psychic energy and communication. I realized that everyone uses the sixth sense: it’s the way we perceive what is happening in our minds, our thoughts, our dreams, our cognitive perceptions. It’s just that, sometimes, conscious information comes from places outside our own minds, and we should know how to recognize and perceive it. Energy carries information – we know that by physics. What do we know psychically? How can we understand it? This book can help.

img_5223 In The Bleak Midwinter tells of the joys of the holiday season to be found ever if, like me, you or someone you know suffers from holiday depression. I decided a long time ago not to expect the most magical times and things to arrive on the holiday or by any schedule at all: I wait for the gifts of the season to come when I feel them. This lovely photographic diary shows how I make the holidays special even in the bleakest times.


In Wintermas the season of Winter itself takes center stage. It’s a photojournal that can be enjoyed no matter what holiday – or no holiday – you celebrate!



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However you celebrate the holidays. whatever gifts you give or receive, have a marvelous time!

Singer, Reborn

19 Nov

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My voice has come back, full strength. It’s been years. To celebrate its rebirth, I am recording new tracks and creating videos of my photography. music, and poems. But I need help to do it! Please visit this page to find out how to help the music be reborn: The Singer Returns