The Funding of REBORN

15 Dec


5 corners health (2)

I am in the midst of a project very important to my life and work. The recording of Reborn is three months into its 1 year gestation, and it needs your help. Quoting from the update linked here:

As a difficult year comes to an end, we have some hope and magic returning to all of us, even as the world continues to be a scary place. We had snow here last weekend, the most beautiful snow, lie gently on the trees and ground of The Meadow. Even though I’ve been ill with bronchitis, the work and plans for Reborn have continued. The work will have to shift to the night time for the next few weeks, done in secret places as if readying Christmas gifts. Some of the work will be Christmas gifts, bedecked with images like the one included here.  

I need your help more than ever. The debt is steadily increasing, at a time when uncovered medical expenses also have to be paid. I realized I had no choice but to sign up for the most expensive supplemental Medicare insurance, to make sure emergency room visits would be covered (always a concern with my health problems at this time). Half of my very limited  monthly income has disappeared back into Medicare expense. This is why it is crucial for me to return to my work, in the best way possible. Medical help is clearing up some of the problems that curtailed my ability to get work done, including the physical ability to sing well, and the mental ability to focus and work for more extended periods of time. Subscribing to the Adobe Creative Cloud, which is another monthly cost, is helping me get around my inability to consistently play instruments. I may no longer be able to perform with them, but I can record segments and layer them together with the Audition program to create an astonishing range of instrumental music made up of bright, brief bursts of control over hands that never stop shaking anymore. The essential tremor that has always affected my ability to play, no longer stops me.

But the cost limits everything I do. I must find a way to survive on very little money, and complete the recording and video projects, within nine more months. That is, for what I’m doing, a very short period of time.

So please – if you want to give a gift that can spread from one place far and wide this holiday season, consider this. I want to give back to you something as wonderful as you give to me. And I want us all to share it with our loved ones, friends, and strangers, everywhere. Thank you.

Please visit my Indiegogo fundraiser page for more information.

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