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The Crack Between The Worlds

29 Oct


Things are changing here now. In fact, things will always be changing.

But in this season of Samhain, for me, there are some critical changes. Endings and new beginnings, all happening at the time of “the crack between the worlds.”

My work is now focused through two outlets: Amazon, and Blurb. I am releasing new titles through both, sending out a good deal of writings, photography. music and memories. New at Blurb are the chapbooks Regret No Grief and Cereus. These slender volumes are art pieces that can be framed, or scattered, most definitely read, because there is poetry and more images inside of them. They are high quality publications, made on demand. The next chapbook coming out is Guardians, in early November. Guardians is a book about my work in sculpting guardian figures. At this time, my painting and fiber work are also turning to creating new images of guardians, the unknown angels that guide and support us.

The most exciting news are the changes through Amazon. Both music and new books will be released through the website. Most of my new books will be e-books. Some will have paperback versions. The first to be released will be Transforming Suicide: Changing What We Choose to End.  The paperback version of this book will be an interactive journal, giving space for readers to write their own ideas about suicide and its effects and solutions. We have seen and lost too much by suicide this past year. It’s time to take a clearer look at what we can do to change our reactions to suicidal impulses, to things that do not stop our lives, or do harm in any way. We do have choices we may have never realized. I have changed my suicides into better things. I’m alive, and glad of it.

There will also be a series of e-diaries that follow my new journey: more on that by Christmas. In the meantime: there’s much to do about the music and this first new book. Samhain is, for me, the end of one year, and the beginning of a space between this year and another. For two months I celebrate life before a new year sends us all in new directions. May we all have good ones.

The Dangerous Silly

9 Oct

1pgbook house of america image (2)

This is for you. I told you it would be here. You had the silly idea you could ridicule people you have made no effort to know.

If you read today’s other post you’ll see I’ve been busy. Yes. When the world is falling apart around me, I get very busy finding what’s right with it, while many others seem determined to make it very, very wrong. In these times of political hatred and ugliness, when people who have no clue about what has really happened to them – let alone anyone else – want to spew off, we need something better to be taken care of.

I am tired of those who sound off about things and people they don’t even want to understand. There are better things to do as we help in the struggle to bring the world back to a centered place. No matter how angry the dangerous silliness of these times can make us, there is always a center.

But that doesn’t mean we will not get angry about being abused in any way. Anger is the right of a human to stand up for one’s self. It just helps to be honest about what we’re really angry about, instead of letting other people tell us what we’re supposed to think and do. I have no interest in repeating the lies and manipulations of people who want to control me, as many people have discovered over the years. While finding my center, I have not lost my roar. Or my independence. I don’t know what happened to yours.

If you don’t want to hear me or anyone else roar, don’t tell me the lies you’ve clung to. I don’t care how much you believe them. That’s your problem. I’m here to tell you they are not acceptable if you don’t have the courage to check out the truth behind what you’ve been told. And have the respect for this nation to not insist on turning it into a silly thing.

A Polish woman I met 40 years ago told me of her trials as someone who lived under the Stalinist regime. When she told our class about her father’s arrest and death for doing nothing at all, we were horrified. We said it was terrible. She turned to me and said, “It’s not terrible, it’s silly. There’s nothing more dangerous than silly.” I was reminded of that last year, when I head the memories of a woman who lived in Nazi Germany. Her family had voted for Hitler because he promised such huge things. They believed him. By the end of the war, their farm had been destroyed, their town, the homes of their relatives – and their relatives. Their jobs. Their security. Their lives as they knew them. All she has left from before the war was a family crest that they took great pride in. Most of that family is now gone. I told her about the Polish woman. She nodded. “Oh, yes. That sounds true.” That’s all she could say. In the end, it’s all anyone has left.

I’m not interested in taking part in, or hearing any more, of our dangerous silly things. If you ask the people around you, you’ll find most of us do not share your gullibility. Be responsible people and take a good look at what you’ve been doing. For what? Really? What have you got left?



9 Oct

Take care of life.jpg

Visit to preview my newest photoart chapbooks, Regret No Grief  and Cereus  They are the first and second offerings in a series called Stop.Look.Listen, chapbooks that share poetry, prose, and images in volumes so slender, their art ready covers can be framed! The words and photos speak of life, within and around us. While you’re at it, check out my profile for the work that has come before. I think you will enjoy what you find. I’m fortunate to live in a beautiful place, that inspires good things…

Upcoming news? Transforming Suicide and Redefining Joy will be released through Kindle Publications within the next month, if all goes well! They are among the first releases of another series, The Mindwood Journals, which will explore life, thought, belief, and creativity, all the things that help make us human, full of genius as well as faults. Then, soon after that – the music returns. The freesong collection Reborn will be coming out for the holiday season, through Amazon music. Listen to a sample of freesong, below.