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I Need Your Help

1 Nov

For too many reasons to go into yet (there are no answers so far) I will be in and out of doctor’s offices and test labs for the next couple of months. I need your help to keep my head above the water and still get work done. Please spread the word about my published works, and consider buying some in the next month, to help me publish and stock copies of the work I am completing now. I will not offer up pre-orders of the new music works and books, because I don’t know what my healthcare schedule will be yet. I don’t want to set up a task I may not be able to fulfill in a timely manner.

I’ve been part of the bottom 1% income bracket for a very long time now. The work I do is considered unnecessary to the corporate machine we have become. That doesn’t mean I’ve ever stopped working. But it also means I couldn’t get the healthcare I needed until I turned 65 last year. The expense of a supplemental insurance to cover what Medicare doesn’t, lowered me to the 1% of the 1%. All I have to give are the gifts I was given. And I finally have ways to do that, that I can afford. I no longer have to wait for someone to say “Yes you can do this we will publish you.” I can get it done. I am publishing all the work I can from what I have written, photographed, painted, created and sung, for the past half century.

I also have an immediate need for funds that royalties can’t address. If you have loved my work over the past decades, please consider sending a gift of support through Paypal to Or contact me through that email address. I will be sharing my work here, every day. To see the titles now available, visit the links at the top of this page, Amazon and Blurb.

I have spent my life paying attention to the world, and sharing images, words, and music with others. Now I am bringing out what hasn’t been shared before. Wish me luck, find the gifts in what I do, and pass them on. Help something wonderful happen. Thank you.stoplooklistenbio