Every Thursday…

13 Dec

I watched an old Loretta Young and John Forsythe movie called Every Thursday the other day, about a couple who bought a small town weekly newspaper only to find the old printer broke down, on schedule, every Thursday just as the paper was coming out. Strangely enough, I learned a few tips about how to deal with Stoplooklisten’s current state of breaking down in some way every single day! It’s difficult enough starting a new business. It’s insane to start one with next to no money and tools (apps!) and machinery that break down on you without notice. But I will persist.

Add to all that, I have a physical problem that makes it impossible to sit at a desk in the same position for long hours.  So I’ve rigged a way to move my PC from an fat armchair to the bed and back when I need it. I love the armchair the best, because this is my view:DSC03234 (2)

The closer we get to Winter Solstice, the more golden The Meadow will be at sunrise. It will take the edge off of broken down days.

What will come out today? We’ll have to see. As I said… things aren’t working quite yet. But there will be SOMETHING wonderful. You can’t work in a place like this and not have something brilliant come out of it…

Make sure you visit my shop at Blurb.com today. The photoart books are listed at sale price, and it’s getting close to Christmas… the link is on the banner at the top of this page.

Have a golden day!

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