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Creation Questions at The Speed of Light

14 Jul

Have you realized how fast things change now?  I  kept looking for solutions on how to be a working writer in the 21st century and have run into insanity everywhere I go. Once I make a good decision it becomes a wrong one. Add to that, the problems of being a creator in many ways: What do I focus on? Where? How? When? How many websites must I use to make a living? Again: What, where, how, when? In the meantime I keep working, all sorts of work piles up, and what am I to do with it?

I need to do more than work: I must make money. I don’t live on air.

Enter Patreon. A subscription site where I can write, sing, play, paint, create all kinds of things, and teach, for those who want to support my work. It’s just begun. All the work I’ve done for many years will arrive on its pages in the next few months. Occasionally there will be public posts, but most posts will be viewable only by subscribers. I can do work both within and beyond my limits, limits that have been sources of great frustration over the years. Now I can publish work as I can, when I can, and reach more people. I can present works in progress and get feedback. Creativity does not feel fulfilled until it goes out into the world to be part of it. I hope this is a good move for all concerned. It’s just begun. It’s still in the glitchy stages. Bear with me, and bless this cloudship as it begins its journey…


Sandra Lynn Sparks on Patreon