The Trifecta: Patreon, Creative Habersham, and Me

3 Nov

December 10 2018

The New Year of creative work starts with putting all my work available in one convenient place, where we can give to each other, and to others!

I now have a subscription blog at Patreon. Sandra Lynn Sparks has subscription tiers for those Travelers who are interested in the many facets of my creative work, for those who support Creative Habersham, my community service project for Habersham Country Georgia, and the supportive Seekers who not only want to support my personal work but want to dig deeper into what might help their own, or others. The overall project is called Stoplooklisten. Paying attention is the root of all creativity. What appeals to us as we pay attention to the world around us feeds our creative ideas.

Started in mid-July 2019, the blog is now shifting into full time gear. Patrons have access to previews of upcoming publications, videos and audio. You will be able to comment and discuss on posts.

There are different posts available for the public; for all Patrons; and exclusive content for the individual groups. For example: Creative Habersham blog posts are geared solely to the local creative community and those who want to stay in touch with it. It will include news and articles about local creative people, events, and creations. The first creation on the list is a magazine called A Habersham Christmas, which will support the county libraries. For a subscription of $5 a month, you can support both local artists, and provide materials and events that support the libraries that are our creative hubs.

The current big project, A Habersham Christmas, is available for a preview here.ahc cover

For those who live in Habersham County Georgia, copies will be available at the Cornelia and Clarkesville libraries for $10.00 by the last week in November. All proceeds of the library sales go to the libraries. Local pre-orders and online sales go to the costs of creating copies for the libraries.



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