Change has come.

21 Mar

Everything before this moment is gone. What we knew is going through

reset. And the truth of the saying “Be careful what you wish for… ” has been thrust, quickly, on the entire world.

I have precognitive ability. No, I don’t see all and know all, no one has that ability. But I have seen, since early childhood, things happening ahead of their time, through dreams and what I think of as cracks in time. To me, time is a method of putting universal experience in order, when in reality our universal experience may have no order at all. We place experience in order by linking place and experience together with material and time lines. We consciously agree to our order. Yet, sometimes, we have experiences that step outside of that order, taking us into a past, a future, or somewhere else than our present moment.

When we disrupt our order we disrupt our agreement. And more changes happen than we can ever know.

We have reached another point of major disruption.

Most of us did not pay attention to the clues that this was coming. There are a lot of deniers out there who now face the consequences of that denial. But all humans have to face the same consequences now. All of us. We are equalized by a change we can’t stop.

We are all in the midst of illness. And the wisest thing we can do, now, is accept we are all already ill. That we all need to withdraw from each other, reflect, reform, and reincarnate ourselves.

Reincarnation does exist, both symbolically in regards of living many lives in one lifetime, and realistically as one conscious energy seeking existence through many lifetimes. Remember what I wrote earlier: time is an agreement. Our consciousness has made many agreements with time. And created many disruptions.

We have a need to make new agreements to face the most bizarre disruptions the world has ever faced.

When we, as humans, can’t get our agreements together, I believe a global consciousness steps in and releases its antibodies to force us to change. These antibodies take the form of viruses. The absolute equalizers. This global step has been taken now. And we each have a job before us. To choose the ways we will change.

Change is our only task now. Individually and as a race. Many of us have made very foolish choices lending to this change. All of those bad choices will haunt us. But they were made. And we must make new choices, and move on.

Do your best to be wise in your changes. Be healthy in them. Accept the illness as it is affecting you, and heal it in you. That is the most important job you have had, in this life. Are you going to do it?

I am.

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