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A Return to the Past

3 Jul

I am returning to work on past life recall, as I revise the workbook I first released in 2005, called Going Past. Now largely a journal for the use of those who want to record their own past life recall, it will be available on in the near future. Here is the cover of the book as it first appeared for use in classes.

There is also a new channel on Youtube called Psyche’s Tearoom that is being filled with video aids for psychic topics. More like The Wind Chimes will be appearing on a regular basis.

The Wind Chimes

Be a Teapot: Life Without a Ventilator.

30 Mar

IMG_7612Think back. There was a time when there were no ventilators. There was a time when there were no doctors,  and no hospitals,  and we had to think about what to do when we could not breathe.  I had to do that when I was a child. My mother was an invalid,  and there came a time when I couldn’t depend on her. My father was at work.  I had been given a mind for figuring things out.  So, one day, when sinus mucus was overwhelming  me and I was still young enough to be singing nursery rhymes, I pulled a trash bin out, bent over it from my waist, and thought:

I’m a little teapot short and stout.

Here is my handle, here is my spout.

When I get all steamed up,

Hear me shout:

Tip me over and pour me out!

With a lot less blow and effort, I cleared my sinuses out and could breathe. I know that sounds gross. I was a child. Children do gross things! But it worked. Not only for sinuses. When I developed constant bronchial problems,  tipping my body over the side of the bed, so I could evacuate phlegm and mucus from my throat and lungs into a bowl,  helped clear my lungs so I could breathe. Steam with menthol cough drops melted in its water helped. Salt water gargle helped. Anything, anything, to cut the blockage, and release it as fast as possible, helped. And, as I found when I could read medical history,  always had.

As I grew into a life in which I was uninsurable, I had to continue to depend on simple ways to protect my ability to breathe. But as an adult I shied away from being a teapot, and tipping over. I shouldn’t  have. A friend on Facebook reminded me of tipping recently,  and I have begun again. I am not waiting until I cannot breathe, and it’s time to panic. I am doing it when mucus is present, to clear it out,  to not allow it to begin to build,  to not let there be a festering ground for any virus,  especially Covid 19 if it should come. Which it probably will. It is simpler than a Heimlich Maneuver to:

Get into a position where your head is lower than your lungs. Have a container on the floor.

Let gravity and patience move phlegm and mucus into a position to be blown and coughed out of you. Don’t wait until you can’t breathe. When you feel too much is present, get it out of you. If you need more help,  breathe steam. Keep clear.

This advice is simple. It requires no medication or equipment. It can help things from getting critical. But it is not a replacement for a ventilator if someone is in critical condition. It is one aid that can make a big difference. But it can’t do everything.

When you dispose the waste, pour some soapy water in the bowl or container and let it sit a minute before you flush the contents. Just take a little extra care.

Breath is life. Take care of yourselves.

Change has come.

21 Mar

Everything before this moment is gone. What we knew is going through

reset. And the truth of the saying “Be careful what you wish for… ” has been thrust, quickly, on the entire world.

I have precognitive ability. No, I don’t see all and know all, no one has that ability. But I have seen, since early childhood, things happening ahead of their time, through dreams and what I think of as cracks in time. To me, time is a method of putting universal experience in order, when in reality our universal experience may have no order at all. We place experience in order by linking place and experience together with material and time lines. We consciously agree to our order. Yet, sometimes, we have experiences that step outside of that order, taking us into a past, a future, or somewhere else than our present moment.

When we disrupt our order we disrupt our agreement. And more changes happen than we can ever know.

We have reached another point of major disruption.

Most of us did not pay attention to the clues that this was coming. There are a lot of deniers out there who now face the consequences of that denial. But all humans have to face the same consequences now. All of us. We are equalized by a change we can’t stop.

We are all in the midst of illness. And the wisest thing we can do, now, is accept we are all already ill. That we all need to withdraw from each other, reflect, reform, and reincarnate ourselves.

Reincarnation does exist, both symbolically in regards of living many lives in one lifetime, and realistically as one conscious energy seeking existence through many lifetimes. Remember what I wrote earlier: time is an agreement. Our consciousness has made many agreements with time. And created many disruptions.

We have a need to make new agreements to face the most bizarre disruptions the world has ever faced.

When we, as humans, can’t get our agreements together, I believe a global consciousness steps in and releases its antibodies to force us to change. These antibodies take the form of viruses. The absolute equalizers. This global step has been taken now. And we each have a job before us. To choose the ways we will change.

Change is our only task now. Individually and as a race. Many of us have made very foolish choices lending to this change. All of those bad choices will haunt us. But they were made. And we must make new choices, and move on.

Do your best to be wise in your changes. Be healthy in them. Accept the illness as it is affecting you, and heal it in you. That is the most important job you have had, in this life. Are you going to do it?

I am.

The Trifecta: Patreon, Creative Habersham, and Me

3 Nov

December 10 2018

The New Year of creative work starts with putting all my work available in one convenient place, where we can give to each other, and to others!

I now have a subscription blog at Patreon. Sandra Lynn Sparks has subscription tiers for those Travelers who are interested in the many facets of my creative work, for those who support Creative Habersham, my community service project for Habersham Country Georgia, and the supportive Seekers who not only want to support my personal work but want to dig deeper into what might help their own, or others. The overall project is called Stoplooklisten. Paying attention is the root of all creativity. What appeals to us as we pay attention to the world around us feeds our creative ideas.

Started in mid-July 2019, the blog is now shifting into full time gear. Patrons have access to previews of upcoming publications, videos and audio. You will be able to comment and discuss on posts.

There are different posts available for the public; for all Patrons; and exclusive content for the individual groups. For example: Creative Habersham blog posts are geared solely to the local creative community and those who want to stay in touch with it. It will include news and articles about local creative people, events, and creations. The first creation on the list is a magazine called A Habersham Christmas, which will support the county libraries. For a subscription of $5 a month, you can support both local artists, and provide materials and events that support the libraries that are our creative hubs.

The current big project, A Habersham Christmas, is available for a preview here.ahc cover

For those who live in Habersham County Georgia, copies will be available at the Cornelia and Clarkesville libraries for $10.00 by the last week in November. All proceeds of the library sales go to the libraries. Local pre-orders and online sales go to the costs of creating copies for the libraries.



Creation Questions at The Speed of Light

14 Jul

Have you realized how fast things change now?  I  kept looking for solutions on how to be a working writer in the 21st century and have run into insanity everywhere I go. Once I make a good decision it becomes a wrong one. Add to that, the problems of being a creator in many ways: What do I focus on? Where? How? When? How many websites must I use to make a living? Again: What, where, how, when? In the meantime I keep working, all sorts of work piles up, and what am I to do with it?

I need to do more than work: I must make money. I don’t live on air.

Enter Patreon. A subscription site where I can write, sing, play, paint, create all kinds of things, and teach, for those who want to support my work. It’s just begun. All the work I’ve done for many years will arrive on its pages in the next few months. Occasionally there will be public posts, but most posts will be viewable only by subscribers. I can do work both within and beyond my limits, limits that have been sources of great frustration over the years. Now I can publish work as I can, when I can, and reach more people. I can present works in progress and get feedback. Creativity does not feel fulfilled until it goes out into the world to be part of it. I hope this is a good move for all concerned. It’s just begun. It’s still in the glitchy stages. Bear with me, and bless this cloudship as it begins its journey…


Sandra Lynn Sparks on Patreon

Music Albums, Reborn…

29 Dec

Kindle has made it possible for a new kind of music album to be born: the interactive e-book! Here are the first releases of my music albums:

Freesong coverWhat is Freesong? Spontaneous music, usually with no known language. Whatever you get from listening to this music, that is what it is. Something different, for each of us. I once poured all my passion for a man into my song, and someone listening heard angels. It doesn’t matter. Freesong is a secret song for each of us. Nine improvised pieces of music, and the tales behind them, inhabit this album. I say “inhabit,” because this music lives.





Available on Kindle for Android and Fire tablets only. Join Kindle Unlimited, and you will be able to access this title and any of the hundreds of titles I have coming out this year for free. One more, before you go:


zen variationsZen Variations on a Celtic Theme

The second music album is listed as the #1 release in traditional and folk music this week!Seven pieces of Celtic and original music on Celtic themes, with vocals, Celtic harp, Irish flute, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Bodhran, clay double flute, and possibly the kitchen sink. By a duo once known as Sudden Enlightenment and Emptiness Music. At times. Tongo Ni and Ku Gaku on other occasions. Same meaning, different sounds. Among other aliases. If you love Celtic music but can’t give up the jazz, this is for you.


Much, much more to come. The Stop.Look.Listen Project officially starts January 1, 2019. The plan: to release more than 200 new e-titles in a single year. Poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction, essays, art, craft, photography, opinion, life lessons, creativity, unusual mind (you will have to see just how broad a topic this is!), spirituality… there is no telling what might appear!  Many of the titles will be available for most e-book apps. In addition, there will be some paperback titles available, and new editions of my earlier work. What will happen? How to take it all in? This bears repeating – Join Kindle Unlimited and you’ll have access to all the e-works as they appear. Check here often for new releases…


10 Dec

December 10 2018.jpg

Stoplooklisten Press is ready to go.

Have you wondered what the newest way to experience creative work is?

My published e-work will now be available online through Stoplooklisten on facebook, or on this page. Most of it will be available directly through Kindle and There’s a new kind of e-book called a complex ebook that can combine audio, video and text in a single ebook. Do you miss the music albums we used to have, when we sat down with more than a recording, but text and photographs? Now you can have that experience with an ebook. My music albums start being released this way, by Christmas. Some will be music video albums! Do you love to be told a story, not just read one? Video story telling books are coming your way! I am also releasing a series of Easebooks, books that take a moment to meditate on a thought through poetry, video, or audio, taking no more than a few minutes of your time. It’s a coffee break for the soul. Or tea, if you’re like me! Easebooks also make great ways to let someone else know you’re thinking of them. The first title, A Thanksgiving for the All in All, is out now: it’s good not just for Thanksgiving Day, but any time you want to thank someone for what they have done.

Easebooks are only 2.99, the price of a greeting card. The price of the music and story albums will be between 4.99 and 6.99 depending on volume of material. None of my e-books will cost over 9.99, and that’s for a full book! So much variety for so little cost. What’s going to be available? Stay curious, and come see for yourself what is being added.

Stoplooklisten’s own webpage is coming soon. For now, look for updates here on this page or on face book.

In the meantime: Visit my published work already on and The links are at the top of this page.

The Crack Between The Worlds

29 Oct


Things are changing here now. In fact, things will always be changing.

But in this season of Samhain, for me, there are some critical changes. Endings and new beginnings, all happening at the time of “the crack between the worlds.”

My work is now focused through two outlets: Amazon, and Blurb. I am releasing new titles through both, sending out a good deal of writings, photography. music and memories. New at Blurb are the chapbooks Regret No Grief and Cereus. These slender volumes are art pieces that can be framed, or scattered, most definitely read, because there is poetry and more images inside of them. They are high quality publications, made on demand. The next chapbook coming out is Guardians, in early November. Guardians is a book about my work in sculpting guardian figures. At this time, my painting and fiber work are also turning to creating new images of guardians, the unknown angels that guide and support us.

The most exciting news are the changes through Amazon. Both music and new books will be released through the website. Most of my new books will be e-books. Some will have paperback versions. The first to be released will be Transforming Suicide: Changing What We Choose to End.  The paperback version of this book will be an interactive journal, giving space for readers to write their own ideas about suicide and its effects and solutions. We have seen and lost too much by suicide this past year. It’s time to take a clearer look at what we can do to change our reactions to suicidal impulses, to things that do not stop our lives, or do harm in any way. We do have choices we may have never realized. I have changed my suicides into better things. I’m alive, and glad of it.

There will also be a series of e-diaries that follow my new journey: more on that by Christmas. In the meantime: there’s much to do about the music and this first new book. Samhain is, for me, the end of one year, and the beginning of a space between this year and another. For two months I celebrate life before a new year sends us all in new directions. May we all have good ones.


9 Oct

Take care of life.jpg

Visit to preview my newest photoart chapbooks, Regret No Grief  and Cereus  They are the first and second offerings in a series called Stop.Look.Listen, chapbooks that share poetry, prose, and images in volumes so slender, their art ready covers can be framed! The words and photos speak of life, within and around us. While you’re at it, check out my profile for the work that has come before. I think you will enjoy what you find. I’m fortunate to live in a beautiful place, that inspires good things…

Upcoming news? Transforming Suicide and Redefining Joy will be released through Kindle Publications within the next month, if all goes well! They are among the first releases of another series, The Mindwood Journals, which will explore life, thought, belief, and creativity, all the things that help make us human, full of genius as well as faults. Then, soon after that – the music returns. The freesong collection Reborn will be coming out for the holiday season, through Amazon music. Listen to a sample of freesong, below.



The Silent Hum

10 Feb


What a Small Bird am I