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How Anger Boils

1 Feb

Boiling Sky 3






The Funding of REBORN

15 Dec


5 corners health (2)

I am in the midst of a project very important to my life and work. The recording of Reborn is three months into its 1 year gestation, and it needs your help. Quoting from the update linked here:

As a difficult year comes to an end, we have some hope and magic returning to all of us, even as the world continues to be a scary place. We had snow here last weekend, the most beautiful snow, lie gently on the trees and ground of The Meadow. Even though I’ve been ill with bronchitis, the work and plans for Reborn have continued. The work will have to shift to the night time for the next few weeks, done in secret places as if readying Christmas gifts. Some of the work will be Christmas gifts, bedecked with images like the one included here.  

I need your help more than ever. The debt is steadily increasing, at a time when uncovered medical expenses also have to be paid. I realized I had no choice but to sign up for the most expensive supplemental Medicare insurance, to make sure emergency room visits would be covered (always a concern with my health problems at this time). Half of my very limited  monthly income has disappeared back into Medicare expense. This is why it is crucial for me to return to my work, in the best way possible. Medical help is clearing up some of the problems that curtailed my ability to get work done, including the physical ability to sing well, and the mental ability to focus and work for more extended periods of time. Subscribing to the Adobe Creative Cloud, which is another monthly cost, is helping me get around my inability to consistently play instruments. I may no longer be able to perform with them, but I can record segments and layer them together with the Audition program to create an astonishing range of instrumental music made up of bright, brief bursts of control over hands that never stop shaking anymore. The essential tremor that has always affected my ability to play, no longer stops me.

But the cost limits everything I do. I must find a way to survive on very little money, and complete the recording and video projects, within nine more months. That is, for what I’m doing, a very short period of time.

So please – if you want to give a gift that can spread from one place far and wide this holiday season, consider this. I want to give back to you something as wonderful as you give to me. And I want us all to share it with our loved ones, friends, and strangers, everywhere. Thank you.

Please visit my Indiegogo fundraiser page for more information.

For Your Holiday Shopping!

27 Nov


Here’s where you can find special gifts of sights and memories, beauty and inspiration, this holiday season, all made with Creativity and Sensitivity!

 The Thorn Tree Christmas is a tale based on a true story from my life, about a Christmas so terrible, my father said we wouldn’t have one… but I disagreed! See beautiful images of a Georgia mountain Christmas while you read our story…

Dreamtouch web

BEING Home is part memoir, part created dream – about how I learned to create dreams, and found that the dreams would affect my reality. I’ve been a dreamworker for many decades, and am as comfortable in dreamery as in reality. This is the first book I wrote about making dreams come true. A how-to workbook is in the works…

draft_lens7286952_1254273630synaesthesia_sq Psychic Sensibility is a book originally created for the fans of Paranormal State and Psychic Kids, when I was the moderator for Chip Coffey’s bulletin board. There were so many questions being answered with information that was wrong, or remedies that wouldn’t work. I knew this because I am a sensitive – a psychic medium who has never been interested in doing readings or appearances, but in researching what actually works, in psychic energy and communication. I realized that everyone uses the sixth sense: it’s the way we perceive what is happening in our minds, our thoughts, our dreams, our cognitive perceptions. It’s just that, sometimes, conscious information comes from places outside our own minds, and we should know how to recognize and perceive it. Energy carries information – we know that by physics. What do we know psychically? How can we understand it? This book can help.

img_5223 In The Bleak Midwinter tells of the joys of the holiday season to be found ever if, like me, you or someone you know suffers from holiday depression. I decided a long time ago not to expect the most magical times and things to arrive on the holiday or by any schedule at all: I wait for the gifts of the season to come when I feel them. This lovely photographic diary shows how I make the holidays special even in the bleakest times.


In Wintermas the season of Winter itself takes center stage. It’s a photojournal that can be enjoyed no matter what holiday – or no holiday – you celebrate!



Higher Ground web



However you celebrate the holidays. whatever gifts you give or receive, have a marvelous time!

Singer, Reborn

19 Nov

5 corners health (2)

My voice has come back, full strength. It’s been years. To celebrate its rebirth, I am recording new tracks and creating videos of my photography. music, and poems. But I need help to do it! Please visit this page to find out how to help the music be reborn: The Singer Returns

Seasonal Changes

18 Sep

As my work expands,  it’s time to change many things. This site’s menu now includes links to all websites which carry my work, from publications to prints to youtube. Blurb  carries my personal magazine series, Scatterings, with new issues coming out on a regular basis. It also carries the special collections of my photographic work. Poster and stationery prints are now available at Cafepress, with new selections being added each week. Amazon carries my books, Psychic Sensibility, and BEING Home. More books, including a revised issue of A Small Tale of Shakespeare, are coming out in 2018. I have also reopened my Lulu store, which carries some of my early photo collections.

The youtube video channel Simple Gifts is also linked in the menu. I am preparing new videos of photographic work, recitations, and music.

It’s also time to spend more time writing here, and sharing some of the work that is included in Scatterings, on facebook, and other locations. I hope you’ll enjoy what you find here in the days to come.



5 Sep

Now begins a new phase in my work – the launch of a personal magazine, called Scatterings, which features pieces on different aspects of my work and life, including photography, art, music, poetry and short fiction, and topics ranging from spiritual to political thought, and anything in between! New things to explore in each issue. Come look at the first volume!


17 Apr


It’s spring, and time to begin new things. After a few months of lessening priorities and focusing on what problems affect us all, it’s time to get down to the work of new publications, and sharing older ones. It’s not a surprise that this is the time my pc decided to die. I’ve battered its keys continuously the past six years! But all the work I did on it is saved and ready to go. Older work has been organized and is ready to be transcribed from typed copy. It’s time to move on to sharing it with you.

I had plans to begin new audio work, but that must wait until I can get a new pc. My audio and video making programs died with the computer. I’m looking forward to getting better program and equipment for new work. You can help me do this: buy my work! Take a look at my books now available for sale on, and on Amazon (see the links below my blog’s banner). The Folio Series will be adding a number of new folios of poetry, art and photography work in the next few weeks; the Dreamwriter Folios will also begin to appear. More on that project soon.

For a sample of my older musical and video work, take a look at the video linked below:

Parting Friends

Most of all, wish me luck. There are many  wonderful things ready to go out into the world, from this Meadow. Help me spread the word.

New Works in New Ways

1 Mar


Working in several fields is a complication in life at the best of times: when you grow old, it’s very difficult. I am constantly finding ways to lessen how I work. I am starting, now, to only connect my writing to my art and photography, one to one, so I can keep the inspiration and the words organized, together. Later, I will decide what to include in each coming folio, instead of trying to follow any more themes.  It just takes up too much time, and there are still bigger things I really want to finish and feel relieved. Satisfied. And okay with being a shadow attached to my own work.

Stories in Few Words

1 Mar

Higher Ground web

I am finding out it’s easier for me to write flash fiction than anything. Flash fiction must be a full arc story, in under 300 words. You have a protagonist, an antagonist, a conflict that disturbs the peace, climax, and resolution. That’s it. But sometimes all of that appears only in the reader’s mind – that’s the point. Flash fiction suggests larger stories in a hurry. One brief story can suggest thousands of individual stories, and wake up the imagination. Most famous example is attributed to Hemingway. Six words: “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” I just sent three off to a contest. There’s my submission quota for the week. Happy.

Simple Gifts…

25 Nov

I wish I could say I had a shop to visit, ready to open the doors for good sales and better times. I miss the chatter of excited customers in the small shops I used to work in, listening to what they hoped for, as they wondered and wandered among the rows of books and gifts. But now, I finally do have a Shop again, a shop that anyone can come to! Come visit!

You can wander through my online bookstore at, and discover The Folio Series, slender photojournals that remind us to look at the simple gifts of the world. Take a look at one of the books, below…


Now is the time to look up at the Flame SkyThis photojournal tells why I am passionately in love with the sky when it turns to flame, offering brilliant photos of when the clouds become the greatest art nature has ever given us. Save $6 when you buy Flame Sky!


If you want to go directly to the store and see all that I have to offer, follow the link to my shop at Blurb 

Coming Soon: The Folio Series will continue to grow, with a variety of writing and photography and art.

Another series: Dreamsense, will be folios explaining how to understand your dreams. Dreams are simpler to understand if you know the basic steps in unlocking the visual language of dreams. All of our dreams are written not only by our subconscious, but by the Universal Consciousness. Dreaming is the true Internet. And though a dream looks strange, when you realize why, and how to read the symbols, you’ll understand that dreaming is the form of communication we can most trust. Each folio will explore one type of symbolism, and help you explore the meanings of it. The first in the series will discuss Houses.

Keep checking back to see more to come!